Carbon Block Water Filter&Granular Carbon Water Filter to Choose Which is Better

Published by admin August 18,2022

Both the 2 water filter cartridges take activated carbon as the raw filtration medias. Difference is that carbon block water filter uses a whole piece of carbon while granular carbon water filters use carbon granules.

Same Filtration Effects

Carbon block water filter and granular carbon water filter work for color, taste and odor of water very well. They can filter out 99.9% residual chlorine remain in city water, eliminate usual odors of ‘rotten egg’ and earthy, enhance water taste. Most of the foreign impurities and ions will be adsorbed to carbons itself very tightly when water flow into carbon block water filter, granular carbon water filters as well.

Difference between The Filters

There are several diverse performances of carbon block water filters and granular carbon water filters which make them suit for kinds of situations.

Water Flow Rate

Granular carbon water filter has larger water flow than carbon block water filters. That is because one is integrate and another is particles. Water flows into particles fast and slow into carbon block water filters.

Filtration Service Life

Different appearances brings different filtration periods to carbon block water filters and granular carbon water filters. Carbon block last longer than granular carbon. This helps you to choose carbon block water filter or granular carbon water filter easy and simple.

Organics, Pesticide, Chemicals

Granular carbon water filters have great filtration performance to eliminate harmful organics, pesticide and hazardous chemicals exist in water. Some of them may bring serious effects to your body, hair and skin more or less during shower, drinking and washing.

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