Are Polypropylene Filter Cartridge Pollution-Free?

Published by admin December 01,2022

In the water purification industry, polypropylene is one of the most common filter materials, and consumers are no less familiar with it than activated carbon. In today's commercial market, polypropylene is considered a very safe plastic, and the FDA has approved polypropylene as a food-grade material, which can be used in various food containers, microwave heating boxes, etc. In the field of water purification, polypropylene filter cartridges are widely used in whole-house water filter system or RO system.

polypropylene filter cartridge

What is a polypropylene filter cartridge and what are its characteristics?

Polypropylene filter cartridge is a tubular filter cartridge made of high molecular polypropylene particles through heating and melting, spinning, pulling, etc. Most household water purifiers or water purifiers use polypropylene filter cartridge for the first stage. The first-stage filter cartridge will not only directly affect the water quality, but also affect the subsequent third- or fourth-stage filtration effect and the life of the filter cartridge. The melt-blown polypropylene filter cartridge adopts a multi-layer gradient structure: the outer layer has thick fibers, the inner layer has fine fibers, the outer layer is relatively loose, and the inner layer is tight. This multi-layer progressive gradient structure allows each layer of the polypropylene filter cartridge to intercept and store impurities in the water, and the amount of pollutants naturally becomes large. It can only filter out large particles of impurities in the water. For heavy metal ions and microorganisms in the water, it needs to be handed over to the subsequent filter element for deep filtration.


Are polypropylene filters cartridge safe?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers polypropylene to be a safer plastic that does not cause cancer in humans and is less flammable. In 2019, researchers looked at a variety of plastics in a variety of products, and they found that the toxicity of a specific plastic varies by the manufacturing process of each product, and does n ot determine the toxicity of  polypropylene, nor does it shake the FDA or EPA's Recommendations for the use of polypropylene. The safety of polypropylene filter cartridge is closely related to its production process. When choosing a polypropylene filter cartridge supplier, more attention should be paid to product materials and product safety certification, which will greatly reduce the use of polypropylene filter cartridge.


The purpose of the polypropylene filter cartridge is not only filter the water but also can not pollute the water twice. The material of water filter will directly affect the safety of water quality, please pat attention to 100% food grade polypropylene when selecting the filter cartridge.


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