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Factory made OEM customized refrigeartor water filters for LG. Compatible with LG LT1000P, ADQ747935, ADQ36006101, 5231JA2006A and more models.

Generic OEM Private Label Wholesale LG LT500P replacement Refrigerator Filters

Generic OEM Private Label Wholesale LG LT500P replacement Refrigerator Filters

OEM, ODM, private label making refrigerator filter replacements. Factory offers NSF certified premium water filters to distributors and wholesale order buyers.

Product Specification:
  • Item: Refrigerator Water Filter
  • Model: RWF0100A
  • Replaces: LG LT500P
  • Cert.: NSF 42, 53, 372
  • Sale: OEM, ODM, Private Label
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lg refrigerator filter lt500p




1. Certifications & Tests

This LT500P water filter replacement is certified against NSF/ANSI 42 and 372 Lead-Free by NSF& IAPMO, filtering out 99% of Chlorine and significantly improving water taste. It is also

accredited by European TUV, Canadian CSA, BPA Free and Australian Water Mark. Only select products with authoritative certifications for business.

2. Effective Filtration

0.5 Micron accuracy effectively reduces 99.99% of Chlorine and meets Particular Reduction Class I standards. Multi-layer technology offers different levels of filtration efficiency in filtering out

different particles.

3. Strict Q&C

All products are produced under the ISO9001, 14000 standard and inspected under strict quality control. Each filter is produced through 34 production processes, 400PSI pressure test,

10,000 water hammer tests, and 6 independent tests.

4. Used for Refrigerator Filters

Compatible with refrigerator filters of OEM LT500PC, 5231JA2002B, 5231JA2002A-S, 5231JA2002B-S, CNZ5231JA2002A, T2004CNZ1648-0019, 79551012010, ADQ72910902,

ADQ7291090, etc.

5. Fitted Refrigerator Models

Fits LG and KENMORE refrigerators of LFX25973S, LRSC21935TT, LSC26905TT, LMX25964ST, LMX25964SS, LFX25973SB, LFX25974SW, LRSC21934SB, LRSC21951ST, LRSP2031BS,

LRSPC2031BK, LRSPC2031BS, LRSPC2031NI, LRSPC2041SW, etc. Note: All above mentioned brand, model and trademark are used for compatibility referene. This only a LT500P water

filter replacement for refrigerator.                              .


lg lt500p replacement water filter




  Micron Rate: 0.5 Micron.

  Operating Temp,.: 38-100°F

  Operating Pressure: 30-120 PSI/ 207-824 KPA

  Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM/ 1.9 LPM.

  NSF Tested Service Life: 300 Gallons or 6 Months.


  EC1935/2004 Certified by European Parliament

  NSF 53 Certified by WQA.

  NSF 42 Certified by NSF International.

  NSF 42 Certified by IAPMO.

  Lead-Free Certified by NSF International.

  We can ANF & Extend above certifications to your brands.


Compatible Brands & Filter Models



  LG LT500P, LT500PC

  LG 5231JA2002A, 5231JA2002B


  Note: Above mentioned brand and trademark are used for compatibility reference use only.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

     A: Normal order: 100—200 pcs; OEM order: 500 pcs

2. Q: How is your product delivered?

     A: Samples: DHL/TNT/UPS expresses; Bulk goods: sea transportation

3. Q: Is your product suitable for small businesses?

     A: We supply products for small business owners.

4. Q: Do you offer a free trial or demo of your product?

     A: We offer free samples for tests before official orders.

5. Q: Do you offer custom plans or packages for larger organizations?

     A: We support OEM, ODM, private label and packages based on requirements.

6. Q: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

     A: 1) Model number. 2) Size and dimension. 3) Function requirements. 4) The brand. 5) Quantity.



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