Is A Whole House Water Filter System Worth It?

Published by admin December 23,2023

When talking about home water treatment and purification, whole house water filter system is usually the first choice that won trust of most home owners. This kind of home water filter significantly removes contaminants of large sediment, residual chlorine, pesticides and herbicides residues, etc.


showing of neutral whole house water filter system


What is A Whole House Water Filter System?

It is a home water filtration system with pre sediment filter, water softener, carbon filter, fine filter cartridges and more customized water filters inside of the whole water filter system. Usually, whole house water filter system installed directly after home main waterline. When water flows into home from main water pipe, it respectively goes through pre spin down filter, 5 micron sediment filter, carbon filter cartridge and then water softener. After all above filtration processes, the filtered water can be used as daily water source for washing and cooking. 


Contaminants Whole House Water Filter System Reduces

1. Commonly-seen Large Impure Particles

No matter municipal or well water source, there are some large substance impurities more or less. Then, it comes the first object of whole house water filter system. Pre spin down filter and 5 micron sediment filter used to block most large particles of debris, sand, rust, silt and leaves. This process is known as pre filtration of whole house water filter systems.


2. Residual Chlorine, Taste & Odor, Harmful Chemicals

After pre filtration, water is going to be filtered by carbon filters. This process mainly deals with Chlorine, Taste and Bad Odors in water. There are 2 popular whole house carbon water filters named CTO & GAC activated carbon water filter


Is A Whole House Water Filter System Worth It?

Depending on the specific filtration requirements of home water, whole house water filter system plays a different role for home owners with various demands of water quality. Some home owners may request to purify all the water in their home and some other may just want to have purified water to use in kitchen, bathroom or somewhere else.

Whole house water filter system would be an perfect option for the former customers. As for the latter home owners, they could also use some POU whole house water filters like pitcher water filter, under counter ro water purifier and shower filter to meet their needs of water quality in kitchen and bathroom.


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