Do Pet Water Fountain Filters Really Work?

Published by admin January 13,2023

The pet water fountain filter is installed inside the pet water dispenser and is specially designed for filtering sediment, hair and other harmful substances in the water. The pet water fountain filter is composed of activated carbon and sponge, and is in the form of flakes. It is inserted in the pet water dispenser to ensure the safety of pet drinking water. (Note: Only pet water dispensers with filtering effect can use pet water fountain filter.)

Pet owners take good care of their pets. Before deciding to keep a pet, they may have already learned about the daily care issues that need to be paid attention to after raising a pet. Not only carefully select cat and dog feed and nutritious canned food with high protein content, but also pay attention to various factors that affect pets to develop diseases. Pet water fountain filters are the key to protecting pets from disease.

Water is the source of life = Water is the source of life for pets. Taking dogs as an example, under normal circumstances, adult dogs need 80-120 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day; puppies need 140-170 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. Dogs need water far more than food. When water is lacking, dogs will show symptoms such as irritability, thirst, decreased appetite, and slow digestion, and their resistance to diseases will be reduced due to dry mucous membranes and skin. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that pets have sufficient drinking water, but this does not mean that it is a good thing to prepare a lot of water for pets in its water bowl at one time. Not only will this not be beneficial to pets, but it will endanger the health of pets. Because the water left for a long time, some dust and bacteria will fall on its surface, pets drinking stale water will stimulate the stomach, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. If you cannot guarantee that you can change fresh water for your pet every day, it is best to use a pet water dispenser with a pet water fountain filter. The activated carbon in the filter of the pet water dispenser can make good use of its adsorption function to filter out the color, odor and bacteria in the water, and even absorb the residual chlorine and Voc in the water. Even if the owner does not have time to change the water for their pets, the pet water fountain filter can ensure that every sip of water that pets drink is clean and fresh water.


The pet water fountain filter should be installed in the water dispenser. After the power is turned on, the water will pass through the filter in the process of continuous circulation, and it will intercept the impurity particles in the water in the pet water fountain filter. Over time, it will cause it to block and gradually lose the original filtering effect, so the pet water fountain filter needs to be replaced regularly like other water filters, about every 3-6 months. It is recommended that users purchase more pet water fountain filters for this type of water dispenser. ready for replacement.

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