Is A Whole House Water Filter System Recommended?

Published by admin August 08,2023

Whole house water filter system work for all of the water in your home such as drinking water, bath water and washing water. Whole house water filter systems are divided in to 2 kind of water filter systems respectively are POE and POU whole house water systems. People use whole house water filter system filter out sediment contaminants and possible foreign matters in city water.


whole house water filter housing and filter cartridges replacements


Visible Substances

City water may contain a lot of various sediments of clay, sand and dirt. They can be seen with naked eyes. So you can know whether your water have too much of them easily. Whole house water filter system filters out impurities and dirt with polypropylene water filter cartridges and string wound sediment filters sometimes. Since whole house water filter systems work for all your home water, the cartridges it used have large sizes most of the situations.Usually whole house water filter system used to produce clean drinking water. They include water filters for tap, shower, faucet and for pitchers. Moreover, you could install POU water systems to directly generate clean water under counter and countertop.


Pesticide, Chemicals, Contaminants

Some things of pesticide, chemicals as well as contaminants can not be distinguished simply even by colors and cleanness of water. When you know your water contain them, it is better for you to install a Whole house water filter system to reduce them too the maximum content. In whole house water filter systems, there are carbon block water filter (CTO cartridges) and granular carbon water filter (GAC cartridges) for you to choose to filter your water. For whole house water filtration use, the two cartridges have both slim and big blue sizes which suit for standard capacity/heavy duty whole house water filter systems.


Unusual Odors and Taste

Besides some foreign matters have real appearances, taste and smell of home water are also a annoyed thing. For example, free chlorine emits bad smells; Hydrogen sulfide makes a stinky odor like rotten eggs; Earth smell comes from overmuch sand and clay in water. With a Whole house water filter system, all of these things easily solved. There will not be bad smells and taste any more.


By using a whole house water filter system, it will deliver filtered water to all of your taps, faucets and home appliances of hot water heater, shower head. Then make sure all the water used on above places clean and germ-free.


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