PP Sediment Filter

5 Micron PP Sediment Filter Cartridge Replacements. Pre Water Purifiers used for Whole House & RO Water Filtration Systems.

Purchase Wholesale DGD 2501 Filter Cartridge Replacements Compatible with Pentek
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Purchase Wholesale DGD 2501 Filter Cartridge Replacements Compatible with Pentek

This filter replacement compatible with Pentek DGD-2501, SDC-45-1001, P1-10BB, FPMB-BB1-10 and more models. Our factory supports OEM and custom orders.

Product Specification:
  • Item: Polypropylene Water Filter
  • Model: PP10BB
  • Replaces: GE GXWH30C
  • Cert.: NSF/ANSI 42
  • Micron: 1, 5, 10, 50, etc.
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pentek dgd 2501




1. Excellent Well-performed Filtration

This dgd 2501 filter replacement is made of pure polypropylene with high resistance to corrosion and chemicals. It's an ideal choice for whole house water filtration and works effectively as a pre-filter for both whole house POE and POU systems, ensuring homeowners get clean and safe drinking water easily and quickly.

2. 3-layer Depth Filter Cartridge

Combines 3 layers of outer, middle and inner layer to capture a wide range of impurities, including dirt, sand, silt, dust, rust, and scale particles, ensuring you can enjoy clean water. Choose our factory as your business choice and partner, brings high profits and brand values.

3. Update Your Store Inventory

Our dgd 2501 filter replacement features a High Dirt-Holding Capacity that surpasses similar filters of the same size. This unique technology allows for greater contaminant holding capacity and increased flow rate, ensuring your water is filtered efficiently and effectively. Our filters can reduce sediment particles as small as 5 microns without altering the taste, odor, or color of your water.

4. Long-lasting Filtration Lifespan

Up to 15,000 gallons depending on usage, local water quality and contaminant levels. With optimal performance achieved by replacing the filter every 3-6 months, this advanced filter can be combined with other filters such as a CTO filter to provide clean and refreshing water to every faucet in your home.

5. Wide Compatibility

Perfectly fits and replaces filters of Pentek DGD-2501, 155359-43, SDC-45-1001, P1-10BB, FPMB-BB1-10, SDF-45-1001, etc. Note: All above brands, models and trademarks are used for compatibility reference only. This is only a dgd 2501 filter replacement alternative.


dgd 2501 filter





  PP Spun Sediment Water Filter




  Pentek DGD-2501


  Food Grade Polypropylene


  NSF/ANSI 42 (Material Safety and Structural Integrity)


  10 x 4.5 inches

  Flow Rate

  10 GPM

  Filter Life

  3 to 6 months (depends on water quality)

  Micron Rating

  1, 5 microns (support customization)


  OEM, ODM, Private Label


  Pentek DGD-2501, 155359-43, SDC-45-1001, P1-10BB, FPMB-BB1-10, SDF-45-    1001, etc.

  Note: All brands, models and trademarks are used for compatibility reference only.



Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

       A: Normal order: 100—200 pcs; OEM order: 500 pcs

2. Q: How is your product delivered?

       A: Samples: DHL/TNT/UPS expresses; Bulk goods: sea transportation

3. Q: Is your product suitable for small businesses?

       A: We supply products for small business owners.

4. Q: Do you offer a free trial or demo of your product?

       A: We offer free samples for tests before official orders.

5. Q: Do you offer custom plans or packages for larger organizations?

       A: We support OEM, ODM, private label and packages based on requirements.

6. Q: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

       A: 1) Model number. 2) Size and dimension. 3) Function requirements. 4) The brand. 5) Quantity.



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