Pet Water Fountain Help Cats & Dog Drinking Fresh Water Every day

Published by admin September 30,2022

Sometimes wet food (The water content is 80%) or water bowls do not enough meet your cat's daily water needs, and some cats don't like to drink water from the bowl, leading to physical  malaise, loss of appetite, and even other negative issues. Pet water fountain may be an effective solution to pets not drinking water from their bowls, as running water is more attractive to cats.


Studies have shown that cats show a stronger interest in flowing water. The pet water fountain just uses flowing water to attract the cat's attention. At the same time, the pet water fountain has a variety of water outlet methods. Not only does this design allow multiple cats to drink from any angle, but it creates several different ways for your cat to drink, for example, the cat can lick from the top fountain, or drink from the fountain splashing to the second level, It also can drink the water from the main bowl.

The structure of the pet water fountain is completely designed according to animal engineering. The water trays of each layer can meet the use of cats of different heights, which not only protects the cat's cervical spine, but also does not easily wet the cat's mouth.


Running water is filtered circulating water. The activated carbon filter sponge is specially set up in the pet water fountain, which can effectively remove pollutants in the water, especially the impurities floating on the water surface. Even if the water is not changed for a long time, it does not matter, the carbon filter sponge will solve this problem, so that every sip of water the cats drink is fresh water.

Our pet water fountain is independently R&D, designed, produced, tested, and tried by many pet lovers who keep pets in home. After many improvements, it is finally mass-produced. Join us to bring pure water to more pets.

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